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IX. Positioning the Company – Capture Profitable Segments

Sun Tzu said:  5. If you are anxious to fight, you should not go to meet the invader near a river which he has to cross.  6. Moor your craft higher up than the enemy, and facing the sun.  Do … Continue reading

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III. Action by Stratagem – Taking the Market Intact

Sun Tzu said:  1.  In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good.  So, too, it is better to recapture … Continue reading

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I. Laying Plans – Predicting Success

Sun Tzu said: 12. Therefore, in your deliberations, when seeking to determine the military conditions, let them be made the basis of a comparison, in this wise:–13. (1) Which of the two sovereigns is imbued with the Moral law? (2) … Continue reading

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